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Gain Confidence, Redefine your Style 

Love yourself the way you are!

Learn how to look great, feel confident and achieve your goals.

With my help you will have the confidence to shop with purpose, streamline your wardrobe and define your own personal style.

From shopping in your own wardrobe to repurpose pieces you own or adding a few wardrobe staples you can define a whole new you!

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I am a stylist, image consultant, style & life coach, speaker and a woman unshakable in my faith.

My life mission is to help you become the person you want to be. I will show you exactly how you can transform your life and wardrobe, exude more confidence and make a lasting impression.
My work is dedicated to helping others create the life they want, by becoming confident and courageous. Discover a life of meaning with more joy, peace and fulfilment.

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Choose from a rage of services such as one-on-one, Groups, Workshops, Presentations.

Discover how to dress to reflect the real you, what you love and what looks great on you.


Look younger, confident and fresh. Discover the power of colours and how to use them.


Save money and time - Dare a new look -  Gain confidence. Take the stress out of shopping.


Create a wardrobe that you love, it's easy to manage, as multiple outfit combinations and is suitable for any ocassion?


Workshop, presentations, training or social events. Fun and interactive. Real talk, down to earth advice and tricks attendees can use everyday.


Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, finding it  difficult to make decisions? I would love to help you.


Don’t just take my word for it…see exactly what others have to say.

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Coaching - Got clarity and direction

Candice Lee, Freelancer Writer

“I had quit my job at the end of 2018, to travel and volunteer. I had an amazing experience however; in 2020 I did not know how to transition into a new career path. I was stressed, confused, lacked self-confidence and suffering with “imposter syndrome”. I did not know where to start. Pensy has coached me free of charge whilst I was unemployed, helping me with almost all aspects of my life. After six months of unemployment, I have started my own business as a freelancer.
Pensy is invested in her clients even when there is little to know financial reward.”

Found my style and how to use my wardrobe

Colleen Colluza, Business owner

"I loved the way she respected me for who I was. I was expecting to have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes, but Pensy showed me how to wear what I already own, but with style. She showed me how to combine clothes into a few great styles that were ME. 've been obsessed with the fact that I'm overweight and find it difficult to lose weight, but Pensy told me to start loving my body, and showed me ways that made me look slimmer, and feel beautiful, without physically losing a gram! And I didn't have to go out and buy a whole bunch of new clothes!
Thank you, Pensy! I have received numerous compliments since dressing according to your advice!

Saved money, time and loved it!

J. Heeb, Administrator

“Shopping with Pensy was a blast. What an amazing time! Being a plus size, I normally hate shopping, but now my wardrobe is overflowing with great choices that look amazing on me. I've had so many compliments this week. I feel so much more confident now, knowing what colours and styles look great. Shopping's addictive.

Increased my Confidence

John Hawkens, Consulting

“Pensy has an outstanding sense of style and image - she can improve your image and style to increase your confidence, create that fabulous first impression, or to give you a set of fresh image & style options. I cannot recommend Pensy highly enough - I'm confident that she will impress anyone who engages her services.”



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