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I am a stylist, image consultant, style & life coach, speaker and a woman unshakable in my faith. My life mission is to help you become the person you want to be. I will show you exactly how you can transform your life and wardrobe, exude more confidence and make a lasting impression.

My work is dedicated to helping others create the life they want, by becoming confident and courageous. Discover a life of meaning with more joy, peace and fulfilment.

My love for fashion started when I was a teenager in Argentina, where I was born. When my family moved back to my father's home in Switzerland, I discovered European fashion and refined style. My first job in marketing promoted the 'office look' and so my wardrobe and shoe collection grew. I continued my studies and became an adult educator.  Although I enjoyed my job, I felt that there was more to me. I decided to move around the world to help people. Through a Christian organization, I was able to travel to many countries, live there and invest in the lives of people who came from difficult life situations. It was fulfilling to see how teenagers, women and men regained their value and dignity and made their way out of misery. I started holding seminars on ‘the power of thought’, ‘image’, ‘confidence’, ‘there is more in you than you think!’ ’Colors’ and I always saw changes in people's lives. ‘Makeovers’ were also powerful in offering people the opportunity to reinvent themselves.


All of this led to my training with Color me Beautiful as a professional image consultant in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2009. Shortly afterwards I founded IMAGE CONSULTANCY - "Confidence & Style inside and out" and opened my own studio. In addition to private consultations, I started giving workshops and speaking at events, in schools, churches, AGOs and companies. After 15 years in New Zealand, where I met my husband, we moved in 2015 as a family back to Switzerland, where we all were able to learn, gain new experiences and develop further.  Early 2020 we returned to New Zealand and are based in Hamilton. 

Are you ready to start your journey with Confidence & Style inside and out?

I look forward to hearing from you and help, coach and support you.


I offer

  • Personal image coaching

  • Personal Style and Color consultation

  • Wardrobe planning at your home

  • Personal shopping

  • Glasses and hairstyle Consultation

  • Workshops for small groups 

  • Workshop for companies, schools, government, recruitment agencies, clubs

  • Speaking at conferences, schools, events, church groups

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