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Discover the styles that flatter your body shape and express your personal style. We’ll look at clothing styles, shape and fit, hairstyle and length, shoes, scarves, purses, jewelry and more!

My professional style consultation  gives you the know-how to create and maintain a wardrobe that infuses you with confidence and takes your self-esteem to new heights


  • your personal mix of styles

  • discover flattering fits to your body shape

  • get to know materials, patterns, accessories and combinations that match your style

  • learn about optical illusions and tricks

  • style secrets for everyday business life and for public appearances

  • hairstyle, glasses and accessories advice

Duration approx. 2 hours

Price $230.-

OFFER You can choose to have it done at your place. I offer the wardrobe planning/audit for only $160 if you choose to do it on the same day. Having your wardrobe audit, you will have lots of outfit combinations to wear that you didn't know were there, saving you money and maximizing what you already have. Read more 

Image by Tamara Bellis
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