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Look younger, confident and fresh.

Colour is the first thing that people notice and while some colours can make you look tired, others can bring you to life! Why not discover the colours that balance your natural colouring? Why would you choose to look less than fabulous! Because when you... LOOK GOOD you FEEL GOOD!

What will "Colour Analysis" do for me?

Feeling good about yourself is of course much more than wearing the right colours but your outward appearance is often a reflection of how you feel inside and knowing you look good is a positive boost.


It will.

  • complement your natural coloring

  • give you clearer skin and brighter eyes

  • allow you to look healthier and more vibrant

  • give you more self-confidence

  • raise your self-esteem

  • no more shopping mistakes!

  • show you how to co-ordinate your clothes

  • makes the whites of eyes and teeth look brighter

  • smooth out small lines and wrinkles

  • hide shadows under the eyes

  • minimise any imperfections

  • streamline your wardrobe

Duration 2 ½ hours

Price $300.- including color pass and make-up advice

DISCOVER YOUR COLOURS: Meine Dienstleistungen



 “It’s interesting how when you buy clothes in your colours, that suddenly you can start mixing items you bought, on separate occasions, together. I've more outfits because the colors mix and match so beautiful. Thank you.”

H. Kruger

"I love my palette and am having so much fun with it. I feel more confident knowing what colours to pick and how to mix it with.  
Shopping is much easier and much more productive!"

T. Robertson

“When I wear colours that look good on me, I am totally amazed—it feels like I have come out of hiding and I am sparkling. I'm much more confident about my color choices and how they look on me."

T. Steven

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