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Save money and time - Dare a new look -  Gain Confidence 

With a focused approach, an objective eye on you and having experience on where to shop and what to buy for your individuality I will help take the stress away from a typical shopping trip.

Save money​

  • No more buying clothes that gather dust in the wardrobe.

  • Buy fewer pieces that you can mix and match (and will look forward to wearing)

Save time

  • No more wandering in and out of shops, getting frustrated

  • Buy all your clothes from head to toe, for each season, in one shopping trip! This could be as little as 2 hours. 

  • You have an entire new wardrobe that seamlessly mixes and matches. 

  • I’ll take you to stores that work with your personal style and within your budget.

Increase your confidence

  • Be taken out of your comfort zone, and see the results in front of your eyes.

  • Treat yourself – you deserve it!​

2 1/2 hours (minimum) = $200
Additional hours = $100 each

Mädchen mit Einkaufstüten
PERSONAL SHOPPING: Meine Dienstleistungen
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